After A Collision: The Auto Panel Repair Process

Car accidents are traumatic for anyone involved and can cause substantial damage to a car. Body panel damage is one of the most common damages during an accident. Body panel damage can range from minor scratches and dents to more severe damage that requires extensive repairs. After your car is, you'll need to take it to an auto body collision repair service. 

The Car Panel Repair Process

The first step in repairing body panel damage is to assess the damage, which a professional auto body shop can do. Once assessed, the repair process can begin.

Creating a Plan for Your Car

The shop will create a plan for repairing the car, outlining the necessary steps and the estimated time and cost for each step. The repair process for body panel damage usually involves a combination of techniques, including paintless dent repair, panel replacement, and painting.

Paintless dent repair uses specialized tools to push out dents inside the panel without needing paint or filler. Traditional body repair methods may be necessary if the dent is too significant or the panel damage is beyond repair.

When Your Panel Will Be Replaced

If the panel is too damaged for the repair technician to replace, they will remove it from the car, which may involve cutting out the damaged area and welding in a new panel. The auto body shop will measure the damaged panel to ensure the new panel is in the correct size and shape. They will then order a new panel from the manufacturer or a supplier. They will then replace the damaged panel.

Getting the Paint Job Done Right

Painting is the final step in the repair process and consists of matching the new panel's color to the car's original color, which is more challenging than you might think because the paint color could be obscure and difficult to track down. If the paint color doesn't match perfectly, it will stand out.

The Importance of Repairing Your Panels

Repairing body panel damage can be time-consuming and expensive, depending on the damage. However, it is crucial to repair any damage quickly to prevent more damage and ensure the car is safe to drive. Damage to the panels of your vehicle will affect not only the appearance of your car but also how it handles and how safe it is to drive your vehicle. Therefore, heading to an auto body repair shop right away is essential.