Vehicle Repair After An Accident

Auto accidents can be a huge inconvenience for everyone involved. If you were involved in an accident and sustained damage to your vehicle, there are several steps you need to take before you can have it repaired. Use these tips to help you tackle this issue and get your car back on the road as fast as possible. 

Call Your Insurance Company

After any cars in the accident are moved to a safe spot on the road and any injuries are handled, it is time to exchange insurance info. You will need to ask for the insurance information from any other drivers that were involved in the crash. With this information, you can call your insurance company and report the accident. They will want you to describe the situation and any details you may remember. This account will be recorded to keep on file if your claim needs to go to court. Your auto insurance company should be able to tell you what to do next and explain your benefits to you. Some insurance policies include things like towing service and a rental car you can use while your car is in the shop being repaired. 

Find a Collision Repair Service Shop

Your insurance company will tell you what local auto body and paint shops you can take your car to. It is important to take it to a shop they have approved. Otherwise, you may not get reimbursed for the service costs. The auto shop will inspect your vehicle and let you know what damage happened in the collision. Then the shop will communicate with your insurance company to determine the cost of repair or let you know that the car is being totaled. If your car is totaled, that means the damage was too excessive and that the cost to repair your vehicle is more than the vehicle is worth. If that is the case, your insurance company will likely just give you money to purchase a new vehicle. 

Wait for Insurance to Settle the Accident Case

It can take weeks or even months for all involved insurance parties to decide who was at fault in the accident. If this answer isn't clear, it could mean that you need to go to court to decide who is responsible. Having insurance is crucial so that you are covered regardless of who is at fault. Be honest and make sure to ask lots of questions so you understand this process.

Use these steps to navigate collision repair after an accident. Call your insurance company with any questions about this process and to know your coverage for the collision repair service.

To learn more, contact a collision repair company.