The Most Common Auto Dent & Collision Repairs

Collision and dent repair is a lifesaver for many people who have just been in accidents or whose cars have been hit by hail and other weather issues. The good news? Auto dent removal can make it look like nothing ever happened.

Each incident is different, and this means you might face a variety of dents, dings, and even full-on collision damage that you have no idea how to deal with. These are some of the common types of collisions that lead to dents and other damage and how professionals deal with them.

Front-Contact Damage

Front-end accidents typically involve the car's bumper, headlights, and hood. In minor accidents, your hood may have some dents or a bit of crumpling. Unfortunately, a lot of the damage involved in these types of accidents is internal because underneath the hood sits the engine and other critical components.

The good news? Dent removal companies can often make it look like nothing ever happened to the front of your car.

Rear-Contact Damage

Collisions to the back of a vehicle can be difficult to deal with as well, leaving behind a lot of dents. Dents and dings are caused by distracted drivers not seeing you, other drivers not braking in time, and often the weather. Hail and windy storms can lead to a lot of dents and even damage to your taillights, bumper, trunk, and other parts of the car.

The good news is that these collisions and dents often lead to only cosmetic issues. Cosmetic damage can be fixed much more easily, especially because many of these issues tend to impact only the body and not the frame of the car.

Other Paint Damage

Paint does more than make your car look good. It also acts as a layer between projectiles, like hail, and the elements.

Problems with your paint occur for a number of reasons, including because of accidents and because of the weather. Deep scratches and dents may require a professional look. You need to have these paint issues repaired because otherwise the rest of your vehicle is subject to damage and rust.

Contact an Auto Dent Removal Company

Is your vehicle stuck with a major dent? Do you have a lot of dings caused by hail and shopping carts? You have a lot of options for removing those imperfections. Call an auto dent removal company today to take care of those dents.