Signs That Your Car Requires Auto-Body Painting

Maintaining your car's paint job makes the vehicle more appealing and durable. Therefore, like other parts of your vehicle, you need to be attentive to the paintwork and take action when it begins deteriorating. Here are the top indicators to help you determine when to go to your auto body service station for repainting.

Scratches Due to a Collision 

Typically, an accident will leave your car with dents, scratches, and chipped paint. No matter how small they may be, they can taint the appearance of your car if you ignore them. So, take your vehicle to an auto body service specialist after an accident for dent removal and repainting. 

Rusting on Chipped Areas 

You need to act fast when you notice rust on your vehicle's bodywork. Extensive rusting is not only costly to repair, but it can also lead to punctures if not addressed early. Therefore, schedule an auto body service as soon as you spot rusted areas in the vehicle. 

Rusting occurs when water reacts with exposed metal on the bodywork. As such, fixing chipped paint is critical in preventing rusting. Another preventative measure is to wash your vehicle frequently using anti-rust products. 

Dullness and Loss of Luster

Dullness results in a change of luster, and it occurs when the clear coating starts rubbing off. The most significant indicator that your car is in dire need of repainting is when it stops shining as usual after polishing. At times, a new clear coat will do the trick, but it is advisable to repaint the vehicle.

Fading of paint usually results from the sun's bright light, contaminants, or low temperatures. It occurs gradually and will become apparent over several years of using your vehicle. 

Clear Coat Peeling Off

The clear topcoat in a car is a protective layer that shields the base coats from external damaging elements. A flaking coat exposes the car body to rusting and bubbling. Your mechanic might recommend applying a new coat during your auto body service if the current one is worn out. 

Denting on the Bodywork

Dents can form when you accidentally hit an object or during a hailstorm. They are often accompanied by paint chipping, which makes the body prone to more damage. At times, repair might not include painting. However, a lasting solution would entail hammering, smoothing, and painting the dented parts.

Cracking Due to Excess Sunlight 

When your car gets exposed to sunlight for an extended period without waxing it, the paint dries out and starts cracking. That has a toll on your vehicle's appearance, and your car body is in jeopardy. When you see cracks, sand the affected area and then have a professional painter apply a new coating.

When you notice these signs, it might be time to visit an auto body service station for repainting. Do not wait too long to avoid extended and costlier damage. 

For more information, reach out to a local auto body service.