5 Reasons to Repair a Damaged Bumper

A small fender bender that results in minor bumper damage may seem like no big deal, but it's important to have the bumper looked at by a collision repair technician. Even minor bumper damage can lead to big issues later.

1. It's Indicative of Other Damages

Even a minor fender bender can lead to hidden damages. It can be tempting to ignore a damaged bumper, especially if the issue is just a small dent you can pop out on your own. Depending on where the bumper was hit and the force involved, there could be damage to the vehicle's frame, alignment, suspension, or driveshaft. 

2. Safety Sensor Concerns

Most modern cars have impact sensors in the bumper, which are designed to activate interior safety systems like the airbags when they are hit with enough force. Even if the accident didn't cause the airbags to deploy, it may have affected the efficacy of the sensors. For example, if the damage is near a sensor, the sensitivity could be off so the airbag deploys when it shouldn't. 

3. Rust or Corrosion Problems

Some vehicles may have a metal bumper, so a dent or scratch will immediately increase the chances of rust and corrosion damage unless prompt repairs are made. Even plastic bumpers typically have a metal bumper bar behind the plastic facing. You may not be able to see that this bar was damaged behind the facing, but this doesn't mean that rust shouldn't be a concern. A repair will ensure that both the visible and hidden parts of the bumper are in good condition.

4. Appearance and Value Degradation

Appearance is a good reason to repair the bumper. A crumpled or cracked bumper looks bad and makes your car less enjoyable to drive. It also degrades the value of the vehicle, which can impact your ability to sell your car for a fair price in the future. A full repair, whether it is simply popping out dents or replacing the entire bumper with a matching one, will solve both of these issues. 

5. Future Safety Issues

There are safety concerns once a bumper had been hit hard enough to cause damage, no matter how minor the damages. Bumpers are designed to absorb impact. If a minor impact has already lead to damages, then some of the force absorption components may be compressed so that the bumper will absorb less force in any future accidents. This in turn increases the chances of injury and more major car damage if another collision occurs. 

Contact an auto body shop if you are ready to have your bumper damage repaired.