Things To Know About Auto Body Collision Repair

When your car or truck has been involved in some type of accident, you are going to need auto body collision repair if you want the vehicle returned to its original state. However, you may be surprised at the amount of work that is required to fix everything. It can be confusing and stressful, but if you take the time to understand things the entire process will be much easier and your auto will be back to like-new before you know it.


If your car insurance covers collision damage to your vehicle, or if the accident was the fault of someone else, all the repairs should be paid for by the policy. The thing to remember is that the insurance company will try to tell you which collision repair shop to use. However, you do not have to use the shop they want. You have the right to find a different place to have the work done and they are still required to pay the bill.

After-Market Parts

Another issue you will face is whether or not to use after-market parts instead of the original equipment from the manufacturer. Sometimes after-market parts are better, with higher precision, or perhaps they provide better performance. However, original equipment will always fit and work with the vehicle the way it was intended. It is up to you as to which type of parts you want to use in the repairs. 

Structural Damage

It is possible that the damage done to the vehicle is more than just cosmetic. If the frame was bent it could pose safety issues. Make sure the shop you go to checks the frame and for any other damage that could cause a safety or operational problem. 

Total Loss

If the cost to repair the vehicle is more than what it is currently worth, the insurance company may declare it a total loss. When this happens, they will offer you the value of the vehicle had it not been damaged. Sometimes, they will offer you this amount and then allow you to buy back the car. However, you will need to pay for any repairs yourself. 

Auto body collision repair can be expensive. If you have insurance to cover the repairs, you should have them done. If insurance is not going to pay for the repairs, you should still have the work done to prevent the damage from growing and to maintain the value of the car.

Reach out to an auto body collision repair shop to learn more.