Answering Two Common Questions About Auto Body Repairs

When your car has had the misfortune of suffering body damage, it can be easy to overlook the importance of repairing. Often, individuals may not have much experience with this aspect of car ownership, which can make it difficult for them to make sound choices about having this type of damage repaired. If you are a new car owner, learning the answers to the following common auto body repair questions will help you to be better prepared for this task. Read More 

Repairing A Canvas Convertible Top On Your Own

If you have an automobile with a convertible top, you undoubtedly enjoy driving your vehicle around with the top down during warmer weather. If you find your canvas convertible top has a rip in the fabric, you will need to repair it promptly to help avoid any damage to the interior of your vehicle should imminent weather become present. Here are some instructions you can use to make a repair to a canvas convertible top on your own. Read More 

Tips On Replacing Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are a key component of an internal combustion engine. In fact, if your spark plugs burn up, your engine will be crippled. This is true because once your engine injects fuel and air into a combustion chamber, the spark plug is required to create the spark that ignites the fuel and drives the piston down and your engine forward. Whether you replace your own spark plugs or take your car to an auto shop, there are a few things that you should know about spark plugs. Read More