Removal of Auto Emblems to Save on Paint Repair Costs

If you are having some paint repair work done on your car, there are a few things that you can do to reduce the cost of the professional services. One such thing is to remove the emblems on your car prior to taking it in for the paint work. Here, you will learn how to safely and effectively remove those emblems in a manner that will make them easy to replace once the paint has cured. Read More 

Restore Your Car’s Body To Its Original State By Removing Rust And Adding Fresh Primer And Paint

Salt that is used to treat roads can cause rust to form on your car's body. Learn how to remove these spots and add a fresh coat of primer and paint where they once were to restore your car to its original state. Use The Following Items soapy water sponge water hose drop cloth  painter's tape electric sander low and high grit sandpaper tack cloth spray primer touch-up paint buffing cloth rubbing compound Step 1: Wash And Prepare The Rusted Areas Read More 

Emergency Roadside Kit: Five Smart Things You Didn’t Think To Include

A dead battery, a flat tire, an auto collision: you never know when you will get into an accident or suffer from car troubles. Regardless of the situation, you can stay calm and be prepared by having a smartly packed roadside emergency kit in your car. If you already have a kit, double-check to make sure you have everything, and consider adding the following items. If you don't have a kit, make sure you include these five things when you do make one: Read More 

Why It Will Take Longer Than You Might Expect When You Need Your Side View Mirror Replaced On Your Vehicle

Side view mirror replacement is much more complicated than in simpler times, but the mirrors themselves are more complex. Adjusting a side view mirror in an older vehicle required an individual to roll down the window manually, then adjust the mirror by pushing or pulling the entire mirror casing until the correct angle was achieved. If the mirror in question was on the passenger side, it became a two person operation, as the driver stayed in the driver's seat, while a second person adjusted the passenger mirror. Read More 

How Neglected Auto Body Damage Creates Inefficient Driving

Small dents in the hood from hail stones or a minor door dent may be a mere cosmetic concern, but larger dents and auto body damage can have a major impact on the way you drive and conserve fuel. Take a look at a few risks of ignoring auto body damage. A Loss of Aerodynamics = A Loss of Gas Money Most automobiles are built in shapes that are designed to " Read More